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Hope Arises Project Inc.

                                                          A Registered Not-for-Profit Corporation

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Hope Arises Project Inc. is an Indigenous-led not-for-profit with its roots in the town of Huntsville, ON.


We believe education is the key to change and the revitalization of Indigenous ways of being and knowing.


Hope Arises Project Inc. works alongside allies in our community to:

  • Restore and preserve Indigenous culture

  • Promote community connection and outreach

  • Highlight the accomplishments of Indigenous people

  • Deliver cultural competency education and meaningful knowledge sharing for all sectors

  • Create partnerships to build capacity for change

Northern Lights

Land Acknowledgement

Hope Arises Project Inc. would like to acknowledge that the District Municipality of Muskoka sits on land that has been inhabited by Indigenous Peoples from the beginning. In particular, we acknowledge the traditional territories of the Ojibway, the Chippewa, the Algonquin and the Odawa. Today Muskoka is home to three sovereign nations: Wahta Mohawks First Nations, Moose Deer Point First Nation and the Moon River Métis. These lands are covered by the Williams Treaty of 1923, the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850 and the J. Collins land purchase of 1785.

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