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Our community alliances, connections, and partnerships support us in delivering our programming and achieving our goals. We believe building partnerships improves our capacity for change. 

community partners

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                      Thank you

   to The Great Vine of Huntsville for your on going 
                         Support and kindness

Thank you
for your kind donation. 


Women's Leadership Intensive

   for your support and kind donation     

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The Hub is an innovative not for profit, community based co-working space in Huntsville. It is based upon collaboration, accessibility and connection.  The Hub aims to empower and inspire change and growth. 


“The Huntsville Public Library is honoured to be able to partner with Hope Arises Project Inc. to do our part to make The Tuth and Reconciliation’s Calls to Action become a reality. We owe it to future generations to make our community and world a better place.”

- David Trembly, CEO, Huntsville Public Library

Huntsville public library

The Huntsville Public Library is committed to offering Indigenous programming to the community of Huntsville that fosters education, awareness, and appreciation of Indigenous teachings, customs, and values. The library strives to create an inclusive and accessible environment committed to realizing the truth and reconciliation process in Huntsville. The Huntsville Public Library is committed to continuing to build a strong alliance with Hope Arises Project Inc. to better serve the local Indigenous and Metis communies of Huntsville and the surrounding area.

Native Drums

Deerhurst Resort

Deerhurst Resort has been in operation since 1896, and is one of Ontario’s oldest operating family-friendly businesses. It is an iconic Muskoka landmark vacation and desirable lifestyle destination. It is a lakefront, community-minded resort, offering exciting opportunities for young people looking for short or long-term career opportunities, or for the young at heart, looking for an adventurous getaway.

Deerhurst Resort was the first community business to support Hope Arises Project Inc. by way of donation. 

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