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Sacred Strength

Ribbon SkirtS

       Muskoka Arts and Crafts Gallery

    63 Manitoba St. Bracebridge Ontario
                  May 31- June 23

     June 1 Opening reception
     June 7 Live ribbon skirt making &
                 the history of ribbon skirts 

         Check MAC website for gallery hours



Sewing is becoming a lost art in this world of fast fashion. Most of my students are new to sewing, it is not something they grew up with. If they do know a bit about sewing it is often their grandmother that showed them how to thread a needle or sew on a button. Experiencing this Indigenous teaching on the significance of ribbon skirts, from choosing fabric, cutting, measuring and adding ribbons took time and perseverance. This stretched my students. This caused them to pause and slow down. This allowed for them to make mistakes and to fix them again. These skirts are not sewn by master sewers. They are sewn by teenagers who want to share with you their new learning, their personal experiences, and their new found Indigenous knowledge.


Connie Collins

Fashion Teacher

Huron Heights Secondary School





The Story

Indigenous ribbon skirts represent our connection to Mother Earth. Our skirts represent the stories of our ancestors and the sacred role of Indigenous women. It is with humility and love that we share our skirts with you.  

Indigenous ribbon skirts are our sacred connection to Mother Earth. 

Ribbon skirts tell stories of the past and present. Stories of courage, leadership and resiliency. We are water bearers, life givers and keepers of wisdom. Our skirts restore sacred honour, respect and identity. 

It is with humility and love that we share the stories of our skirts. 



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