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Hope Arises Project Inc.

Hope Arises Project Inc. offers interactive and informative cultural competency training to all sectors.  We are committed to promoting connection to Indigenous culture for those experiencing loss or interruption of cultural identity.  We work to create opportunities for connection within the greater community.  

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to strengthen cultural understanding and knowledge to address cultural misconceptions and barriers. We aim to offer expressions of reconciliation through education, learning, and connection.



Our vision is to revitalize Indigenous ways of being and knowing. We envision a community committed to fostering cultural parity, diversity, and acceptance.

Core Values
Guiding Principles

All my relations

Acknowledging the interconnectedness, interdependence, worth and mutual

responsibility of all peoples, creatures and lands; a common conceptualization

of all things living among Indigenous peoples.


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) defines reconciliation

as an ongoing process of establishing and maintaining respectful relationships

between Indigenous Peoples, the state, and non-Indigenous peoples. Implementing the TRC’s Calls to Action in a meaningful way within our community.

Dismantling Cultural Biases

Providing the educational opportunities necessary to dismantle colonial biases currently in place in our communities. Promoting cultural parity by creating an understanding of Indigenous knowledge, perspectives, and worldviews. Incorporating these aspects into non-Indigenous structures, organizations, and systems in a safe and impactful way.

Promoting & Preserving Indigenous Culture

Celebrating and acknowledging the diversity of Indigenous cultures by highlighting different ways of knowing, being, and doing. Highlighting the accomplishments of the Indigenous community and creating pathways for connection to knowledge and understanding that may have been lost through the inherent inequalities and intergenerational trauma caused by residential schools.

Community Partnership & Unity

Working to create a sense of unity and trust between Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals and organizations within our community. We are stronger as a community

Indigenous Leadership & Consultation

Ensuring the voices and needs of the Indigenous community are heard, understood, and respected. Valuing and respecting the importance and significance of Indigenous knowledge-keepers and elders as keepers and teachers of Indigenous knowledge and cultural traditions.

Residential School Crisis Line

The Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program provides mental health, emotional and cultural support services to eligible former Indian Residential School students and their families throughout all phases of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. All services, including the crisis line, are safe, confidential, respectful and non-judgmental.

Call 1-866-925-4419 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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