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Cultural Competency Education

“Education has got us here and education will get us out.”                           

The Honourable Murray Sinclair


Hope Arises Project Inc. Cultural Competency courses offer participants layered education in an experiential, safe, and accessible learning environment. Participants will gain new understandings and knowledge from an Indigenous perspective and learn how Indigenous ways of being and knowing translate to a new way of doing.

Participants explore ways to “uncolonize” and are given diversity, equity, and inclusion tools and techniques to transform their stories.

 “To know is to be and to do differently.”            

Facilitator, Joyce Jonathan Crone

Benefits to your organization

  • Supports diversity, equity, and inclusion mandates.

  • Starts the conversation with mindset and behaviour change.

  • Self-awareness and a personal action plan.

  • Supports social responsibility programming.

  • Shifts conversation and heighten awareness.

  • Relevant and rewarding.

 Features of the course

  • Course content and delivery professionally designed to suit your needs

  • Interactive and meaningful

  • Traditional teachings and understandings of ways of being and knowing

  • Talking circle sharing breakouts

  • Aligns with the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action


  • Requires a minimum of 10-30 participants per workshop.

  • Organization is responsible for venue and set up.

  • Refreshments are the responsibility of the organization/group.


Choose the Plan for your Business

We offer different bundles to support you and your team on your path toward reconciliation. 

Turtle Bundle


Flower with Leaves.png

Two half-day experiential workshops.

Wolf Bundle


Flower with Leaves.png

One full day experiential workshop (7 hrs)

Big Bear Bundle


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Flower with Leaves.png

Participants receive a follow-up session (2hrs) designed to provide additional support two months after the full-day workshop.  

Six hours of experiential learning plus two (1hr) on-line action plan check-ins. 

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There is an additional cost of $50.00 materials fee/participant.

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